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Elwood Blues

Lee Schwing was born in Newfoundland and raised as an Army “brat”, travelling all over the world before he was a teenager. Growing up, Lee tried all the common instruments like guitar and piano, but just couldn't find the sound that was right for him. Then, at his high school graduation dance in Anchorage, Alaska, he got his first taste of live harmonica from the dance band of the evening: CANNED HEAT, featuring founder and lead-man Bob “Bear" Hite! The next day, Lee bought his first harp and, with an armful of all the harmonica albums he could find and (much to the dismay of his military dad) started to learn to play. In the years that followed, Lee played in every blues jam and open mike he could find no matter where he lived; from the gentle sounds of country blues in Alaska and Michigan to the heavy moaning wail of Chicago-brand soul, Lee honed his craft.


Wanting a new sound, Lee moved to Texas in 1978 and began to learn the Texas Style in every bar and dive he could play in. On a tip from Rodney Wall, sometime-guitarist for the BELLAMY BROTHERS, Lee answered a potentially dangerous advertisement in the Dallas Times Herald that read “Jake Is Looking For Elwood”. Lee answered that ad – met J. W.  (Who had placed the ad) – And the rest is blues history, as they played their first gig together on September 24th 1983 and Lee has been "Elwood" to this day. Lee is also an active member of S.P.A.H. (The Society for the Preservation and Advancement of the Harmonica) and counts Lee Oskar of the famous funk-n-blues band WAR amongst his many friends.


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